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How Financial Stress Affects Your Family’s Sleep Quality

When a family is suffering from financial difficulties, parents or guardians may experience higher levels of stress-related disorders. Studies show that stress, anxiety, and depression are associated with poor sleep.

Financial stress can also lead to elevated levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates how your body reacts to stress by maintaining homeostasis throughout the body. Abnormal cortisol production can lead to the disruption of your body’s normal sleep cycles.

Parents need to find healthy ways of dealing with financial stress. There are countless people out there that deal with financial difficulties, so you should never feel alone when you need a helping hand if times get a little tough. Every family needs a plan in place to combat financial difficulties.

If new parents have friends or family in their community, they should not be afraid to reach out. The financial strain of a household affects not only parents or guardians but also children who need unconditional emotional support and care. Every family needs to have a healthy sleep schedule to combat the effects of financial stress.

When families have access to the necessary resources and services in their community, it becomes easier to deal with issues like stress and sleep quality. There are many free services online that can help parents to improve the health and well-being of their household.

Experts indicate that sleep training programs can help to reduce stress and anxiety in the family. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that healthy sleeping habits start from an early age. These programs can be used to create a custom sleep plan for your family, helping caregivers deal with everything from their baby’s sleep regression to financial stress.

Government organizations such as Philly Families CAN provides free support and financial assistance to parents who are in need. It is never too late to find the help and support your family needs to sleep better at night.