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The Cost of Sleep Disorders and How Baby Sleep Apps Can Help

Studies suggest that people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders have a much higher annual healthcare bill. This means that families, especially those going through financial difficulties, should take more care to prioritize healthy sleeping schedules.

The National Library of Medicine refers to the ‘’Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep’’. A study in 2020 claims that people with sleep disorders in the United States can spend up to $4,267 more on their annual healthcare bills than employees without sleep disorders. The economic impact of poor sleep in the US ranges from $299 billion to $433 billion annually.

Fortunately, there are many online services, resources, and even mobile apps that can help your family to save money and to sleep better at night. Platforms like Huckleberry provide families with the means to take control of their sleep routines with professional guidance from pediatric sleep experts.

The Huckleberry app is available on Android and Apple, with free features such as sleep tracking, reminders, and other nifty childcare features that will allow your baby and the whole family to sleep better at night. The app also assists parents with 6 month sleep regression, when babies are known to experience a developmental leap.

Your whole family could experience better health and well-being just by prioritizing healthy sleeping habits. Medication and acquiring the services of a sleep expert in person can make your medical bills go through the roof. There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money on something that may only treat the symptoms of sleep disorders.

Baby sleep apps that are developed by sleep experts and supported by artificial intelligence can help families to create a customized sleep plan for the whole family. It is safe to say that better sleep could save your family money on medical bills.